About Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic is a company that specialises in the design, production and supply of mobile medical units. Our units can accommodate a great many medical and paramedical specialities. 

Mobile Clinic was founded by healthcare professionals with the aim of offering highly technical and modular solutions for other healthcare professionals.

Our expertise and the fact that we have perfectly mastered the requirements imposed by the diverse specialities of the medical sector means that Mobile Clinic is a key player in creating modular medical units in Europe.

Our modular medical units are extremely high-tech, characterised by optimal ergonomics, impeccable design and exceptional mobility.

Each project is unique and is the subject of engineering, design and compliance studies (rolling and technical structures, medical ISO standards and X-ray authorisation, etc.)

The treatment units are built on motorised or towable chassis specifically designed and constructed to allow them to be installed for a single day or up to several months.

Their main applications include:

  • Temporary specialist medical treatment units during works to convert or extend existing practices.
  • General medical treatment units in rural areas with a shortage of healthcare providers
  • Mobile medical prevention units
  • Outpatient treatment units for institutions, specialist centres etc.
  • Modular medical units during events or sporting events 
  • Unités Educational units for filmed and 'live' procedures during congresses


The medical units are available for sale or rent. 


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    1180 Brussels

    Head office :
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  • Mobile phone : +32 (0) 476 53 05 19
    VAT : BE 0541.835.268
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