• Extension/renovation work to dental surgeries.

Smile Care Unit allows a dentist who is unable to make full use of his or her surgery due to ongoing construction work:

    • to maintain a high quality service for his or her patients 
    • to guarantee the continuity of care essential for surgical, prosthetic and orthodontic treatments
    • to avoid losing any patients, which is even more important when starting out in your practice, or in the event of a takeover of the practice
    • to keep assistants/secretaries in work because temporary unemployment is a delicate and costly matter
    • to allow co-workers to continue their activities in the practice
    • to avoid any loss of revenues resulting from the inability to work in his or her surgery
    • to work in a space that integrates design, tranquillity and hygiene, away from the inconveniences of the construction site (noise, vibration, dust and smells, etc.)
    • to no longer be subjected to the negative impact of frequent delays to the building project
    • to be in the immediate vicinity of the work site as the Smile Care Unit is installed in front of the surgery
    • to increase the surgery's visibility and to enhance his or her professional reputation
  • Preventive dentistry in schools, at companies etc.
  • Specialist dentistry at institutions, specialist centres for treating persons with reduced mobility (PRM) via the "Drive My Care" service ».
  • 'Live' dental procedure unit during congresses (surgical procedures, prosthetics and endodontics, etc.).
  • Promotional innovation unit in the dental sector for specialist retailers and manufacturers.

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